“I am neither good or bad. Not OK or reasonable. Not stable or troubled. I simple am not!.
I don’t go or stay but I travel. I don’t run or await, I walk to somewhere. Not a destination or a start point simply a place! A mere location of unknown coordinates.
I don’t run but I also don’t stay, may be and only may be e will simply disappear or stay in silence. The music of silence, the emptiness of quiet. And the movement of nothingness. I will use, as a writer, I will use the eraser and delete my everlasting presence. I am not what you see, I am not what you known of me.
I disappeared in a beautiful trick of magic”

“I have became something you can´t catch. I am now not an object but a body.
You can have me but you won´t possess me. Not control me and neither understand my interior or outside, facing now at this curve, in this point of space and time, my side facing your eyes is no longer energy nor object. It is substance…
A to-be-lost encountered piece. Missing piece of a growing tree, the matter of the substance…”


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