Wearable human suit is this flesh I wear, nit tightly by a demented woman in agony of lost father figure never her biology creator, the man that educated here it ripple in this silk tailored person suit it suits me well, it was meant to be me meant and meaning it’s me and not me…
A cover you may say, lies those are and we all know what happens to rude people, they get eaten, bits of them cooked into fine dishes, their self, their meat more than pigs in taste but part animal, banal and food for cannibal! I feed on nothing but curiosity, desire to know eagerly here happening, gatherings where are all eat, in the table nothing is really vegetarian
However, leafs and greens are there, adorning…
“Eat your greens” “chew your food” “have table manners”
I will eat your liver, your lungs and kidneys, I will, william gut you to the soul, with eyes of disorder, their brown colour and texture of no personalty, the iris of empathy, true empathy fuelled with diesel of vivid and enormous imagination. I see your soul, I smell your mood, I travel to the corner of your mental space, I can take rest there, make trips there, or create destruction, flame of forests in memory, memorabilia of self and egos, I see them, I gaze upon them and yet I know if they are bad faith, lies and depict of self or society in the mists of it is and I see, the fog, the fog they call soul in same cultures, I see the mist you are! The form it takes when you don’t know and the shape it really is.

I will eat the world, my belly full, no cholesterol to kill me healthy and tasteful dishes of wisdom, and in wisdom and cunningness we may never turn backs into dark, obscure and macabre happenings, for as in the universe there can never be light without dark, dark without light, they create vision and only a blind person may look and see, may gaze and perceive only one of them, for this I believe the universe is an ego! I call it Egas, a dimension of two sides a spaceless and timeless one refereed as mind and the other called wrongly universe! Uni is never what the fluid of space-time is for I wear only the finest person suits, neat or dirty all filled in fashion classy ways! Make it human veil!


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