The darkest of souls are sinful, lust and lewd of flesh and pure of emotions, the darkest of souls are monsters cursed to be kind, enormous beings of destructive powers bound to be mending, encapsulate in cocoons of meat and bones, skin and hair doomed to be kind to the some rebellious little humanoids, some self-centred beings of gigantic egocentrism! Unclean filth of humans powered by altruism, imagine the horror of an existence of a monstrous being condemned to an existence of gentle actions… how horrified, how tainted and ripped to pieces that soul would transform itself… darkest of souls without sin are caged wild animals, energy and no space to bound them, time making erosion on a spirit without matter… would you pity such a being? Would you ever love such an essence, evil and gruesome in its core but everything and all it can do is good? Darkest of souls… sinful of knowledge filled with evil urges unable to perform any of that, and the big pun of all those dark souls, the immense irony of such dark is the simples fact that, those souls manage to do evil when bound to a forced and propelled existence of making good as their pleasure of evil making is gone at this point and replaced with more anger, rage and self-loathing!


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