Claire Colour & Murkyvoyant

Clairvoyant Colourvoyant Murkyvoyant

My three shades of vision, formed from the third eye blind!! I see the streams of space-time with uncovered eyes, and a half understanding white to greymatter they come in whites, in burning aching flashes and flares of sun and stars, I see, see them on the skies, in old places, in old colours, I envision them in early ages, in formation of supernovas, I am claire, I have been Clementine and I have now became Clement. Yet never have I seen with this type of eyes, this set of pupil thrice. Nature is now white, and at 6 am I am clairvoyant, vision comes to me of time, timeless objects, timeless beings that shall last in my mind until I perish!
I can see clearly now, in rain, or in sunlight I see without fog, its clair to me, and obscure to Claire in absense of light I see in whites, the future, the possibilities, in a background of white calculation run, equation of human actions coming from desires, I am clairvoyant to all the possibilities of time, at a certain interval on the day, with the first light of the day, in the sunshine plants come to vision and so do lights that will come…

In humans I see… I see colours, their state of feeling, I saw! I came, I didn’t conquer I only saw colours, sparkles of feelings coming to light in my eyes, voyant to that radiation. I see colour, I know what you feel from just that colour, in human flesh they became empaths of colour to my eyes. Colourvoyant, in a wolrd that is to my eyes, made of black and white! shades that from everything in the middle, but it all comes to black and white, as the universe is, of Light and Dark matter!

Murky, murky waters, and murky being I am and I swim, for your light and colour I see, but mine is always blind, and yet, vision is given to me to the obscure and unknown, of all that I see, more I can visualize, for it comes in spectra all that things you shall and shall not became, everything you can be and are willing to be! Murky is to me what all of them, but the path you drive on progress the more probable shine or became detailed for me to support, like ruins of strong foundations! And in all this, I can’t see me, and mirror are one of my hatreds! They show me everything and nothing at the same instant and in the same place… All existence and neither existing! Murkyvoyant…


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