Read and listen!!!

Oceans of possibilities from the sea of time run in my head, in sleep and also in awakening it causes me to rotate in blue circles around glass where vision is distorted into illogical versions of me from red of anger I run in circumferences centred in a black hole of attraction pulling me into it while it rips me to pieces of matter! I dream of sadness, gravitation sadness that never releases me from her clutch and yet my sleep is filled with compassion and passion imagery to the torture of awaking dream of being nothing but a rotating blue object in the obscure space of feelings, that have been felt and never feeling, into the deep blue, to the diving submarine of apprehension in rotating wheels of planets, as clockwork never lets me stop rotating the celestial body of blackness, it pulls me in just enough for me to became blue in dreaming with scenery of hope, Hope Abandon into Marry Solitude, blue to gravitate the seriousness of insanity, that same lady, my malady that makes me alive, insane with live and dead in the end of sanity, blue from insanity living, and dying to be sane to cyan…


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