I await the moment I undress this skin (and naked I reveal my true form)
I reveal my hidden genuine form…

Mitigate the pain, accept the pain, embrace the pain, hug the pain, accept the torture it will transform into white noise and mutate into yourself, cerne of agony, desperation of embraced torments!

Expectancy is absent, I expect no retribution from feeling, I await no feelings for myself, I give the small emotion repertoire that I feel, the few ones that I didn’t taught myself to feel, so I was a figure to wear the mask of human kind! For I am freakish outlier, no norm to be applied, as times I exist as nothing invisibly dead bearing pains of me and of diverse beings, tor-moils of agonist tipped and salted with agony and yet, I live and never for me… no ego can wait to live when he is egoless and he cares not how real is, torture to himself, to itself!


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