“I wish I could explain and show you the things I see, part of the univese I see in extra, I think you would like to see, its like an extra dimension… I just wanna show you to this place that exists in my mind.”

Memory, all of those lived and dead records are in me today, inhabit the fleshy android, existing as a full one from past to future into present rotation of time, you are seen from the pool of my clockwork of time intervals, in fallout I persist, I am flora and fauna, grown weeds and forming cells animation, cellular fusion, swing in the cosmos of rainbow stream of universe, universe in side and up to down gravitational left to right gira! There i can see iris of full light spectra forming on the horizon, are you! Singlyfication of compost multification from germination of all that is you, are you! Diverse appropriation of a flesh capsule rather maybe or, definitily maybe imprisonment into the meat carcass! Dirge, Dirging into rewind putrefaction attributive value of carnefaction, reformation from bones to ligaments, flesh, skin and eyes… Apupas are formed into Vencja to birth the cosmic existence of this entity of higher planes, the old ones of this cosmos. Are we I, or Am I We… wee free of man of cosma goo, the fluid of time ocean, sea of sunless darkness in star formation and pulsars, me and you are pulsars!! highly magnetized, rotating neutron star that emits a beam of magneta pulsing at the speed of light into Alumina!


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