Today I am became a Murderer, I will kill again and again and again, without blood though. Just a silent killer, destroying my target once, twice and thrice…. as many times at it takes to removed this cancer Hope that live inside!
Assassin without pay, making sure I live a life of hopeless bliss, I will kill again! I am making it so that Hope dies inside of my everything it re-spawns. Burned by anger somedays, Kicked in the face and neck broken on other days. Beaten to death on Sundays! Harmful they would call it. Hope the good Samaritan for everyone else, but the happiness doom of my existence. Bane, My own bane of nightmares are born in the roots of Hope. Hope of hell, Hope of salvation… even Hope of Normality… but hope brings nothing in it self, Hope is just wishing things to be better, and expecting them to be, a No to bad things, a scared act of cowards that ran from pain! I take pain in myself, I burn it for fuel. I consume it for fuel!!! I FEED on it like a vampire and I am strong in taking hope as food! I will kill again……”

Ernesto Fulco Guerrero


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