I see in Technicolor

The colour i see in you is not white nor black, its a pellet of all the primary and natural colours swirling around a dark fuzzyball

I always get it, i get that feeling, that turbulence from when i finish something, unstable and uncontrollable disgust of ending, of something coming to a cease and a stop, breaking into nothing to became absolute zero! immobilised memories of present unreal past realities!

that boney finger it touches me, taunting me, defies me to die, and to kill, it taunts me to evaporate, to disappear and erase all i am, that hand its comes to touch my face and erase what i look, like, a pike the finger of her scratches my skin, and rips it apart so i can leave this fleshy prison I inhabit to hug you in love, death…

I remember seeing ravens and crows in the field of my house, i loved those animals so much, dark and seeing as bad omens from anyone else, they were like friends to me, even not being anything but just birds, i cant be one but they are my child memories of uneasy peace, this is just words of some murders of crows i watched a long time ago… i just wanna talk but i cant speak. i wish i could just be a good friend to you i wish… i wish i was. something but this dying soul it hurts to rot from the inside…


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