Eating Souls

…and just like that, they left, as they came, in a simple an common way, they went away in the exact same way

What if I am nothing with the knowledge of being…? Vacuum with the self imposed awareness of ego. I keep dissolving into the ocean of space, melting mind as if my bobble of flesh was punctured cause my self to leak out like current of electric neuronal stream, it streams into cosmos in erosion of what touches me, of whom feels me… doubt is persistence as if the universe is made of intervals of chance, probabilities never assured outcomes, it wears people off of me, it makes them leave as by minuscule piece by piece they disappear from me, they evade… eroded by my stream of drifting mentality!

How do I know I exist if everything i know takes place inside my own mind? It maybe that this me is nothing much than matter experiencing itself, the universe, bit by bit trying to make logic and sense of itself…


“I  will tell you about the story of my dream today… I was after someone I look for him in a house on the side of cliff with a highway close by. After doing something I cant recall I returned to that location to see a big footprint of 6 toes on that top of the same cliff, i climbed the hill to see rock excavated and 200 tiny oval shaped being like eggs of a creature but I knew they were autonomous parts from it, not just eggs, they rolled around and ate everything in their path, from humans to building and they were feulled by matter and meth.”


Cleanse thy dupa
Divine dupa, i am, holy untouched dupa that granted you the gitf of dupas so that your life may be duper, I come forth today in the possition of my dupest servant, egas, to provide the world with the bigger and stronger dupas… do as egas always done, try to use your dupa for the greater good.

If you have a dupa you may not be a dupa onto others.
Show respect and adoration by praying, kneeling and bending to and of the holy dupa. Touching the holy dupa is forbidden…
Meditate as Buddha sitting on your dupa.
A good dupa know not to sit all day.
I have seen the holy dupa, I am endupatened!

there are this tiny soul, not in a negative sense, this simple and tiny souls that pass unseen by an onlooker hidden in the self inflated soul of empty space, blown up ballons. Those are the souls that germinate love in me, an affection of no dimension and of so, oh so tender texture and hugs! Unconditioned fondness towards those hidden special entities!

why wont people eat my soul already? Make a good meal out of it… they are just circling it like vultures do to a carcass.


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