Empty Bones

Empty bones, naked from flesh
Dressed to be dust and perish
Me and myself meeting death
Me cursed and loved by Macbeth
Wordless, boneless, and soulless
Less and less, for a more dead
and the skin I shed

The flesh it rot, rigormortis
Drove me to stone and bone
and blood sets, Livormortis
All pale and white is my armor
Rusty outside and dead inside
Decay of undying corpse mortis

Water will not wash the decay
For me soul is not made of clay
Will never be anything but something
Unsure what can be, doubts of what was
Is no material than uncertainty
To meet death is in its dreams
Knives are its weapon of choice for jaws
Jaws of a giant whale, hungry hungry
Starving for me succulent flesh
Eager to leave me just in bones
Or rotting putrid meat…

I will not breath today, I will dive
Go deep into the drowning river
No boat this time, just a drive
to stop chemistry in my liver
Deep, deep dive, no oxygen tank
Just a rock into the deep ocean tank!


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