Vozes Verbais

I meditate, you meditate, let’s meet somewhere in the Meditation Palace for dinner or drinks.
I have no eyes, so I have to smell you now.
We have seen each other but we haven’t looked at each other yet.
I am become death, all I had to do was let my flesh rot.
I have been a lich for a week, it got too morbid for me…
I have lived a second life, I am an Octopus in Part-time!
If you ever find out I am living in a Dead Place, come visit don’t be a Stranger, we can always find Room.
I am at Peace, call me on my phone if you want to come over and talk!
Let’s take a swim at night, we can bathe in starlight and comets.
Wash away the dirt it’s needed to make rocks somewhere!
Time flows like a river let’s be Salmon and swim Upstream.
Today brings nothing more, it’s over, we are on tomorrow right now…



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