There There, Dead

There there, Dead
I will come visit you this time
I know you miss me in prime
And you can no longer shine
We will talk, I am bring wine…

I would like to stay there
I would like to stay dead
I would like to insist
I would like to resist
I would like to persist there
I would like to resist dead
There there, Dead

Taking a trip to somewhere
No heart no soul in my chest, there
In this language there is rhyme
How sad and dead sound in resemble
Am I still living and surviving
Or slowly dying and lying

Aiming to shoot,
Aiming to boot,
There is wanting and desire to leave the sad
There is a plan and effort to destroy all this bad
You started me up in a race with no fuel for more than a lap
Lying now in your lap my soul goes fast and quick
Sometimes I got and i build, today I am a brick
Coming to strength a wall made to be tall
To stop my fall, but inside it there is no ball for you
So I keep the key whenever you ask me to go inside and see
Look around, just to see the setting, nothing else
I hold the key nonetheless never letting you go in

I would like to go there
I, Sometimes, live there
I don’t take you there
Its full of cobwebs and dead
Dying and Dyed skins that i worn
And still sometimes i wear
For everything i was i made a wardrobe
I keep all the cloths in there, inside the wall
Now you wanna take a that I drove
And take a trip and see it well
I think you are not going there to shop
It looks a stop to know this place
Arising from your curiosity that never stops

There there, Dead
Am I there, Am I here, Am I with you
I don’t even know if you exist, if you do
I still don’t see you anywhere, but outside here
Where I go alone in the Taxi of Mr. Loneliness
You only come to talk when there is a drive alone
I believe you have strong and carrying bones
I cant touch them anywhere i go….

There there, Dead
I cant keep living there
I cant keep being dead
I cant keep driving there
I cant keep dying my skin
I cant keep letting it kill my insides
I go there and I stay dead
I go dead and I stay there
But honey, I promise I will be back
I will bring sovereigns in my sack


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