Chunagon Asatada              

Au koto no              
Taete shi nakuba              
Nakanaka ni              
Hito o mo mi o mo              
Urami zaramashi              

Fujiwara no Asatada

Se uma vez acontecer
(If it should happen)
Que nao nos encontremos outra vez
(That we never met again,)
Eu não farei qualquer queixa
(I would not complain;)
E duvido que ela ou eu
(And I doubt that she or I)
Sintamos que fomos abandonados
(Would feel that we were left alone.)



Egyo Hoshi              

Shigereru yado no              
Sabishiki ni              
Hito koso miene              
Aki wa ki ni keri              

O Monge Egyo
(The Monk Egyo)

Para a casa de campo apagada
(To the dim cottage)
Coberta de videiras de folhas grossas
(Overgrown with thick-leaved vines)
Na sua solidão
(In its loneliness)
Vem a hora do outono triste
(Comes the dreary autumn time:)
Mas lá ninguem vem
(But there no people come.)


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This is an excess of  imagination and a lake of reason and motivation to really make of that something of relative importance. So to try and act against  that we create this “chauvinism”, the strong idea that life is not only what we think is similar to yours. We dispose of the idea of similar and equal to our Carbon make up. Do not think you know how life works and is, simply because you lived and experienced? You only lived and experienced one type of it!! And that experience was in abundance alter and conducted in your-own person defects and previews of others. Your view is only one and in a whole world weights noting more than a feather compared to a planet. Live to know fallitur visio.