All of the following are named Upevil in an upevol!

if i was ever forgotten would i ever have been forgiven?
this I ask, this I question and yet no answer comes…
I replay in a song sang to the deepest of abyss :

You are not fat or inflated for, every curve, turn, wrinkle and twist of your carnal suit is set into cosmic interstellar rotation and fluctuation of cosmic dust accreted to planetary life in blue waterfalls of pleasure oceans of climatic ecstasy. How may this be unbroken, how can thus unbroken shattered being be able and capable of tender compassion and so I am but no other than me.. I wanna eat you alive, devour you, eat you alive, take your heart out and taste your soul, that plasma, replace the empty in you with all the me, us and everyone I can be, feel the flesh that fill your skeleton and take it on a drug-like trip into madness and sociopathic paths, embrace the wild monster you are, the tri-phased person that are living in that so ugly vessel where souls of greatness hug themselves to decay of personality, give me flesh, the taste meat and carne beef of your entity bloody cut! cut to bleed but as tasty as marvellous to give me meat-pork human meat that white-red meat cooked to perfection by hurt comprehension, attention not to detail but contrast. I see versions of myself everyday posed as me but I am ego-less, I am ego, I am the no-self path of no road walking to nothingness to an eternity of space where I could live for ages of being, in the place you are the space your entity predestine fills in this ocean of time! There I would manage to be all I am, everyone that I am, that we are… bent to time tasted by melange of both of our selves touch of mind, that whom, that ever cared for the physics of the enormous of mind-dimension, release me from socio norms, open this vessel from the interior in a blast of explosive power, implosion of power and beauty of no measure unchain you from the path of human, of humanhood, this no hood with no blue and green is chlorophyllic, you grow energy from stars, sunburn from cosmos, sunstroke by the cosmic rays! Be the cosmos is growing in you as fungi! Spores of cerebellum and corrections of humanhood driving the body and carcass of dirge and manipulation, made from dark-matter into black holes of supermassive perfection on errors and imperfections compressed to the body of rock made in the fusion of supernovas, new to earth where solar systems grow inside livers pancreas and visceral bodies mathematically formed to be animated automatons of biological bioma in increments of independent compartmentalized simbiotes you and me are apart bodies but intertwined particles in quantum conundrum! you and me are us and me, myself to you, yourself to me, us to me and you! You and I a single letter of the alphabet of illiterate and unwritten egos! ********* melted in metanoia into super-fusion of attraction! L is not oh more than me in vi of vicious entanglement of e-eternal undefined word! Don’t give it a name, it is amorphous and plasticine in substance; no love no hate it is harbour of adamastor and a ship of sea, the ocean of blue and fluid asticrumee!


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This is an excess of  imagination and a lake of reason and motivation to really make of that something of relative importance. So to try and act against  that we create this “chauvinism”, the strong idea that life is not only what we think is similar to yours. We dispose of the idea of similar and equal to our Carbon make up. Do not think you know how life works and is, simply because you lived and experienced? You only lived and experienced one type of it!! And that experience was in abundance alter and conducted in your-own person defects and previews of others. Your view is only one and in a whole world weights noting more than a feather compared to a planet. Live to know fallitur visio.