“It is in these little details that we see ourselves, that we define how we are not others, and thus how we areourselves.

When confronted with someone whose “normal” is not our “normal,” we are forced to confront the most frightening prospect of all: that there is no such thing as “normal.” Just the accidental cultural moment we happened to be born into, a cultural happenstance that never existed before, and will never exist again.

Our idea of “normal” is a city built on sand. For instance, for us, our city is literally built on sand and this is our “normal.” We resist difference because it requires we acknowledge that the culture we grew up with as “normal” is just a momentary accident. It requires we accept that the world we were born into will never be the same as the world we die in. The longer we live, the more we become interlopers, even in our home towns. But, if we’d let it happen, also, the more we will learn.”

From Welcome to Nigthvale


This is an excess of  imagination and a lake of reason and motivation to really make of that something of relative importance. So to try and act against  that we create this “chauvinism”, the strong idea that life is not only what we think is similar to yours. We dispose of the idea of similar and equal to our Carbon make up. Do not think you know how life works and is, simply because you lived and experienced? You only lived and experienced one type of it!! And that experience was in abundance alter and conducted in your-own person defects and previews of others. Your view is only one and in a whole world weights noting more than a feather compared to a planet. Live to know fallitur visio.